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    workplace safety:  de-icing outdoor walking surfaces in winter

    By Barrow Group Staff / November 30, 2020
    Keeping outdoor walking surfaces—such as parking lots and sidewalks—clear of ice in the winter is a crucial practice at many workplaces. Not only does ice removal offer aesthetic benefits, it can also help keep you, your co-workers and the general public (e.g., customers or ...
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    Topics: temporary staffing, staffing, workplace safety, Worker's Comepensation, de-icing-parking-lot, parking-lot-ice-removal

    cybersecurity tips for online shopping during the holidays

    By Barrow Group Staff / November 23, 2020
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    Topics: cybercriminals, online-shopping, cybersecurity-risks, identity-theft

    early data shows covid-19 vaccine is 90% effective

    By Barrow Group Staff / November 18, 2020
    Drugmaker Pfizer Inc. announced in a press release that early data from its COVID-19 vaccine trial indicates that the vaccine candidate has demonstrated high efficacy. The Phase 3 vaccine candidate's early results were found in an interim analysis by an independent data ...
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    Topics: Covid-19-Vaccine, Vaccine-Efficacy, Pfizer

    Independent Filmmakers day november 18 & 19

    By Barrow Group Staff / November 17, 2020
    Pitch your idea to a panel of industry professionals who decide which films get made and which films get shown in cinema and on TV.  Participants have two minutes to convince the panel to read their script.  Winner received $30,000.  ...
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    Topics: Independent Filmmakers Day

    Unemployment Scams are on the rise!

    By Barrow Group Staff / November 13, 2020
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    Topics: temporary staffing, PEO, False Workers Compensation Claims, staffing industry, Unemployment-Scams

    Summary of kaiser's 2020 employer health benefits annual survey

    By Barrow Group Staff / November 11, 2020
    Each year, the Kaiser Family Foundation conducts a survey to examine employer-sponsored health benefits trends. This document summarizes the main points of the 2020 survey and suggests how they could affect employers....
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    Topics: health-insurance-costs, Benefits-Enrollment, Employer-Sponsored-Health-Insurance,, Self-Funded-Insurance, Health-Benefits-2020, Kaiser-Health-Insurance-Survey

    American film market goes virtual November 9--13th

    By Barrow Group Staff / November 09, 2020
              The Independent Film and Television Alliance is forging ahead on Nov. 9--13 with the 41st edition of the American Film Market with a full slate of 300 exhibitors and 200 speakers.  However, this year's show will be virtual with five days of online speakers, ...
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    Topics: Independent-Film-and-Television-Alliance, American-Film-Market, Film-and-Television

    is it the flu or covid-19?

    By Barrow Group Staff / November 04, 2020
    Because both the flu and COVID-19 affect the respiratory system, it can be difficult to determine which you have if you start to feel sick. Learn more about common symptoms of each illness below....
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    Topics: COVID-19, Flu-Symptoms, Flu, covid-19-symptoms,

    strategies for a successful virtual open enrollment

    By Barrow Group Staff / November 02, 2020
    The COVID-19 pandemic has affected virtually every organization within every industry. Your clients may be struggling with government mandated closures, reduced staffing, halted revenue or any number of detrimental situations. All these challenges can pile on and distract from ...
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    Topics: open enrollment, Virtual-Open-Enrollment, Benefits-Enrollment, Online-Enrollment, Enrollment-Instructions

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