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    Train your staff on how to handle hazardous medications

    By Barrow Group Staff / January 28, 2021
    There are patients at your facility needing medications that are potentially hazardous to the employees that handle, administer and dispose of them. As a result, your facility must design a safety program to instruct your employees on how to properly do these tasks without ...
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    Topics: OSHA, Hazardous-Drug-Handling, NIOSH, health-care-facilities

    surprise medical bill ban signed into law

    By Barrow Group Staff / January 26, 2021
    The Surprise Medical Bill Ban was signed into law by congress and will take effective 1-1-22.  Surprise medical bills happen most frequently when patients receive immediate emergency care from non-network providers in cases where they have little to no control. ...
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    Topics: No-Surprise-Act, surprise-medical-bills, Advanced-explanation-of-benefits, healthcare-pricing-transparency

    Telemedicine and Mental Health:  Important Benefits Considerations in 2021!

    By Barrow Group Staff / January 21, 2021
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    Topics: benefits, Employee-Assistance-Program, Mental-Health, Telemedicine, Telehealth

    The Risk of Cold Stress at work

    By Barrow Group Staff / January 15, 2021
    Workers who are required to work outdoors in cold environments for an extended period of time may be at risk for cold stress. Weather extremes, such as high winds, cold temperatures, ice, snow, sleet and freezing rain, present potential hazards to workers. Specifically, cold ...
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    Topics: workers compensation, Working-Outdoors-Winter, Hypothermia, Frostbite, Working-in-Cold-Weather

    skills needed for the post pandemic workplace

    By Barrow Group Staff / January 13, 2021
    As the COVID-19 pandemic abruptly changed workplaces, workers’ skills have changed as well. Job skills were evolving before the pandemic, but it has prompted more change in a much quicker manner....
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    Topics: COVID-19, Employee-Skills, Job-Skills, Remote-Work, Digital-Skills, Emotional-Intelligence

    comparing the two major covid-19 stimulus packages

    By Barrow Group Staff / January 11, 2021
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    Topics: StimulusBill, COVID-19, PaycheckProtectionProgram, Aid-for-Small-Businesses, Cares-Act, President-Trump

    five ways to start your year off right

    By Barrow Group Staff / January 07, 2021
    Like many other people, you may be thinking about what you would like to accomplish in 2021 or what life changes you could make. Common New Year’s resolutions include losing weight, exercising, getting organized, learning new skills and saving money....
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    Topics: Accomplishments, 2021, New-Years-Resolutions, Healthy-Changes

    Worker's compensation trends to watch in 2021

    By Barrow Group Staff / January 04, 2021
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    Topics: temporary staffing, staffing, PEO, workers compensation, human resources, Labor-Trends-2021

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