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    Are you responsible for employees working from home? this checklist will help with compliance and productivity concerns

    By Barrow Group Staff / July 27, 2020

    Remote workstation

    As remote work has been an expanded practice, many organizations are reviewing how they can best support and plan for use of the remote workplace. Employers can use this checklist when reviewing and planning a remote workstation setup for current employees, or when planning a remote on-boarding process. Remote workstation setup can vary by organization, and the employee’s role and responsibilities. Employers can review this checklist to determine which components of a remote workstation should be provided to employees and what technology considerations should be planned for.

    Workstation Environment and Setup

    • Adequate space within the employee’s home for an office ☐
    • Workstation area that complies with ergonomic and safety guidelines ☐
    • Workstation in a location with broadband network able to download and upload at a minimum of 1.5 megabytes per second
    • Environment with minimal noise and distractions ☐
    • Desk or work area with sufficient space for equipment
    • Comfortable and ergonomic office chair ☐


    • Desktop or laptop, either provided by the employer or employee ☐
    • Adequate hard drive capacity and memory on computer to perform necessary job duties ☐
    • If video calls are part of the employee’s job responsibilities, computer includes a webcam ☐
    • Headset with microphone ☐
    • Power cord ☐
    • Mouse and Mouse pad ☐
    • Keyboard ☐

    Optional Workstation Equipment

    • Docking station or hub ☐
    • External monitor ☐
    • Additional monitor for dual-monitor setup ☐
    • External keyboard ☐
    • Printer ☐
    • Fax machine ☐

    Office Supplies

    • Notebooks ☐
    • Binders ☐
    • Paper ☐
    • Pens ☐
    • Pencils ☐
    • Stapler ☐
    • Staples ☐

    Technology Software and Services

    • Cloud-based phone subscription service or cellphone ☐
    • Virtual private network (VPN) established for employee’s computer ☐
    • Internal network access given to employee for all necessary job functions ☐

    This checklist is merely a guideline.  It is not meant to be exhaustive nor meant to be construed as legal advice.  


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