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    Health and Wellness Tips: Children's Health, Toy Safety

    By Barrow Group Staff / December 27, 2019

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    When purchasing toys for children, it is important to consider several safety factors. Toys should be age-appropriate, well-constructed, durable, and suited for each particular child’s physical, mental and social capabilities.

    Safety Regulations

    The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) sets mandatory toy safety regulations, as follows:

    All Ages

    • - Electrical toys shouldn’t have shock or thermal hazards.
    • - Toys shouldn’t contain toxic materials.
    • - Toy paint should not contain traces of lead.
    • - Art materials used by children under 12 should be non-hazardous.
    • - Latex toys, games and balloons must contain warning labels regarding the choking and suffocation hazards.

    Ages 3 to 6

    • - All toys and games with small parts must be labeled to warn of the choking hazards.
    • - All toys and games with balls less than 1.75 inches diameter must be labeled to warn of choking hazards.
    • - All toys and games with marbles must be labeled for choking hazards.

    Under Age 8

    • - Electrically operated toys shouldn’t have heating elements.
    • - No toys should have sharp points or edges.

    Tips for Parents

    Parents can take a number of steps to help reduce their child’s risk for toy-related injuries:

    • - Make sure to refer to age and safety labels.
    • - Keep deflated balloons and broken balloon pieces away from children.
    • - Keep objects that can easily fit into a child’s mouth out of reach.
    • - Read all toy warnings and instructions.
    • - Avoid purchasing toys with sharp or rigid points, spikes, rods and dangerous edges.
    • - Repair or replace any damaged or defective toys.
    • - Supervise children’s craft projects, as scissors and glue are among the most dangerous products for children.

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