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    Meet Our staff

    By Barrow Group Staff / July 06, 2020

    Like to put a face with the name?  Presenting the Barrow Group team, shown here left to right:

    Group Photo final

    • Natasha Bobbitt, Film, TV and Entertainment Insurance Account Executive
    • Charlie Stearns, Benefits & ACA Compliance Strategist
    • Kevin Kilcoyne, CIC,. CRM, CSP, Director of Staffing Insurance Coverage
    • Bob Barrow, CIC, CWCA, CBWA, President of Barrow Group
    • Shelly Nix, Director of Accounting
    • Molly Sylves, Commercial and Captive Insurance Account Manager
    • Debby Coyle, CISR-Elite, Client Relations Manager for Staffing Liability & Worker's Compensation

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