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    Official Launch of Captive Insurance Program | Join Us at Atlanta's Porsche Experience Center

    By Barrow Group Staff / December 18, 2019

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    We are launching a NEW, national workers' compensation captive insurance program specifically for Temporary Staffing Firms and PEOs.


    Take a look!


    PEC + BG Promo Video 12.18.19

    Why Now?

    The use of captives to fund workers’ compensation is a practice that has been used since the 19th century when shipping companies shared in the risk of sending goods overseas. The shipping companies and ship owners pooled their funds together to minimize the financial hit should a loss occur.

    This concept of pooling hasn’t changed much but the captive vehicle has become much more sophisticated.

    This captive program is our answer to the fluctuating, traditional marketplace. Our captive has many benefits in addition to “flat lining” your insurance cost:

    • - By working with the different providers, the services such as TPA, Loss Control, Investment, etc. are all separate. We will negotiate and choose best-in-class providers competitively.
    • - Our captive has direct access to reinsurance markets. We will obtain reinsurance on the international market on a wholesale basis.
    • - Unlike a guaranteed costs program, the captive can return dividends based on “you pay for what you break”. You will know what your initial costs are, but with good loss control, claims administration and client selection the program is a potential profit center and dividends can be returned.
    • - Most large deductible programs have no aggregate coverage. There is no limit to what a firm may pay in workers’ compensation.  This “unknown” can be the downfall of a company. Captive losses are reinsured both on the specific and the aggregate.
    • - There are ownership possibilities. Members can become shareholders.

    pec OUTSIDE


    In addition to the luncheon, private access to the simulator room, and captive insurance program presentation at Porsche Experience Center,

    FOUR lucky attendees will enjoy a professional ride-along on the driver development track!


    Would you like to learn more? We are ready to help you start protecting your company and its assets from the risks threatening your success.

    Join us in Atlanta for our pre-incorporation meeting to review the full details of the captive program. 

    simulator lab

    *The pre-incorporation meeting at Porsche Experience Center in Atlanta on January 21 is for  parties seriously interested in our captive insurance program, and is mandatory for those committed to joining the captive insurance program as a charter member. Attendees will need to complete an NDA in advance of the meeting. 

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