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    promote awareness of safety standards to prevent falls in construction

    By Barrow Group Staff / September 14, 2020

    National Safety StandDown Week

    National Safety Stand-down to Prevent Falls in Construction:  Sept 14--18, 2020

    Fatalities caused by falls from elevation continue to be a leading cause of death for construction
    employees. In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, falls account for more than 30% of fatalities in the construction industry. Those deaths are preventable. The National Safety Stand-down raises fall hazard awareness across the country in an effort to stop fall fatalities and injuries.

    As an employer, you have a duty to protect your workers from falls, and we’re here to help. This toolkit has been developed to arm you with the information and resources you need to conduct a successful safety stand-down. In this toolkit you will find information about the National Safety Stand-down, toolbox talks to help prevent falls, a Construction Industry Fall Protection Safety Program, posters to help bring awareness to the stand-down and much more.

    Remember, Barrow Group, LLC is here for your business. Contact us today to discuss your insurance and risk management needs:  404-874-4798.


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