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    What H.R. Learned from the Covid-19 Pandemic

    By Barrow Group Staff / April 13, 2021
    One thing we've learned from the Covid-19 pandemic is that Human Resources' teams must act swiftly to ensure safeguards are in place to protect employees.  Watch this one minute video to learn more.          ...
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    Topics: staffing, PEO, human resources, COVID-19, Health-Crisis

    cdc recommendation for at-home covid-19 testing

    By Barrow Group Staff / February 25, 2021
    You and your health care provider might consider an at-home collection kit or test if you have COVID-19 symptoms and can’t get tested by a health care provider....
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    Topics: COVID-19, At-Home-Collection-Kit, nasal-specimen, Covid-19-Saliva-Test

    ten steps to protect cleaning staff during covid-19

    By Barrow Group Staff / February 01, 2021
    Your safety is important. For cleaning staff at your facility, following these simple steps can help prevent the spread of the coronavirus:...
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    skills needed for the post pandemic workplace

    By Barrow Group Staff / January 13, 2021
    As the COVID-19 pandemic abruptly changed workplaces, workers’ skills have changed as well. Job skills were evolving before the pandemic, but it has prompted more change in a much quicker manner....
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    Topics: COVID-19, Employee-Skills, Job-Skills, Remote-Work, Digital-Skills, Emotional-Intelligence

    comparing the two major covid-19 stimulus packages

    By Barrow Group Staff / January 11, 2021
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    Topics: StimulusBill, COVID-19, PaycheckProtectionProgram, Aid-for-Small-Businesses, Cares-Act, President-Trump

    cyber risks and liabilities

    By Barrow Group Staff / December 15, 2020
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    Topics: COVID-19, RemoteWorker, Cybersecurity, cybercriminals, identity-theft, electronic-signing-service

    film & tv part of coalition to address insurance issues stemming from covid-19

    By Barrow Group Staff / December 10, 2020
    The Business Continuity Coalition (BCC) represents more than two dozen industries, including several powerhouse organizations centered in film and television.   The House of Representatives’ Committee on Housing, Community Development and Insurance held a hearing on Nov. 19th ...
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    Topics: COVID-19, Film-and-Television, Business Continuity Coalition, Insurance-crisis

    is it the flu or covid-19?

    By Barrow Group Staff / November 04, 2020
    Because both the flu and COVID-19 affect the respiratory system, it can be difficult to determine which you have if you start to feel sick. Learn more about common symptoms of each illness below....
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    Topics: COVID-19, Flu-Symptoms, Flu, covid-19-symptoms,

    osha clarifies covid-19 reporting requirements

    By Barrow Group Staff / October 07, 2020
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    Topics: OSHA, COVID-19, Worker's Comepensation, Reporting-Requirements-OSHA, OSHA-Fatalities, hospitalizations

    cdc releases guidance on handling covid-19 policy disputes with customers

    By Barrow Group Staff / September 22, 2020
    The past few months have seen multiple instances of aggression and violence against workers who attempted to enforce their establishment’s COVID-19 prevention policies and practices with customers. As a result, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently issued ...
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    Topics: workplace safety, human resources, COVID-19, Center for Disease Control, Aggressive-Customers

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