understanding the basics of pay transparency

By Barrow Group Staff / May 25, 2023
The tight labor market has led employees to make new demands. One of the newest expectations of employers is pay transparency. Despite many employers’ reluctance to embrace pay transparency, the practice has gained a stronger foothold in 2023. In fact, pay transparency laws are ...
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Topics: pay transparency, workplace equity, tight labor market, sharing salaries, pay transparency laws, pay transparency by state

Prioritizing Mental Health in the Film and TV Industry

By Barrow Group Staff / May 23, 2023
  Workers in the Film and Entertainment Industries May be Disproportionately Affected by Mental Health Issues  ...
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Topics: Film, TV and Entertainment, Entertainment-Industry, Film and TV, Mental Health Benefits, Mental Illness, Mental Health Awareness, Creative Workers, Depression

Safety matters:  handling pest bites and stings

By Barrow Group Staff / May 19, 2023
During the summer more employees work outdoors, so it’s important to be prepared for the risk of stings and bites from different pests. Consider the following pest-related health risks:...
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Topics: Pest Bites, Spider Bites, Bee Stings, First Aid, First Aid At Work, Allergic Reactions, Allergic Symptoms

The Heat Is On:  OSHA Has Targeted Temporary Employment Agencies as an industry to watch!

By Barrow Group Staff / May 18, 2023
The summer months are approaching and along with them comes hot weather.  OSHA has targeted temporary staffing agencies as an industry to keep an eye on.  ...
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Topics: temporary staffing, OSHA, Protecting Temporary Workers, temporary workers, Heat Illness, Heat Illness Fatalities

understanding premium audits

By Barrow Group Staff / May 09, 2023
Audits can be daunting for businesses. An IRS or insurance audit or a vendor needing records can be a stressful experience. However, as long as you’re prepared, there is no need to dread an insurance premium audit....
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Topics: PEO, workers compensation, Film & TV, Insurance Costs, business insurance premiums, General liability insurance, premium audits, insurance premium audit, Risks and Premiums, Risk

departments issue guidance on the end of covid-19 emergency period

By Barrow Group Staff / May 08, 2023
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Topics: staffing, PEO, employee benefits, DOL, Film & TV, Covid-19 Test, Covid19 Outbreak Period, Covid19 Public Health Emergency, End Of Covid-19, PHE, Covid-19 Compliance

considerations for switching to a self-funded health plan

By Barrow Group Staff / May 04, 2023
As health care costs continue to rise, many employers are searching for ways to control costs while keeping benefits affordable and attractive to employees. For some employers, self-funded plans can be an effective strategy for lowering health care costs. Many employers have ...
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Topics: staffing, PEO, Self Funded Insurance Plan, Level Funded Insurance Plan, Control Health Care Costs, Self Funded Health Plan, Fully Insured Health Plan

Staffing AGency Recognizes Barrow Group's Kevin Kilcoyne for Lifetime Partner Award

By Barrow Group Staff / April 27, 2023
Superior Skilled Trades has recognized Kevin Kilcoyne for a "Lifetime Partner Award"  CEO, Seth Sandler, commented, "When starting a business a big part of its success depends on the people and companies you partner with to get started.  As Superior Skilled Trades approaches its ...
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Topics: temporary staffing, staffing, Barrow Group, Kevin Kilcoyne, outstanding insurance agent

identifying and retaining your best workers

By Barrow Group Staff / April 25, 2023
Identifying and retaining key employees is always important, but especially so during times of high attraction and retention difficulties faced by many employers. In a tight labor market, retaining employees becomes increasingly difficult....
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Topics: staffing, PEO, employee benefits, Film & TV, Employee Retention, flexible work arrangements, keeping best workers, Employee Recognition Programs

Arts, Recreation and Entertainment Safety Manual

By Barrow Group Staff / April 21, 2023
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Topics: Entertainment-Industry, Return to Work Policy, arts, recreation and entertainment Safety Manual, Fire Prevention, safety manual, employee safety responsibilities, Emergency Action Plan, OSHA Compliance

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