A Guide to Cyber Risk for Boards of Directors

By Barrow Group Staff / October 27, 2021

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Simply put, every organization that stores or handles data is at risk of a cyberattack. As technology advances, companies are collecting, storing and transferring more personal information about their customers and employees than ever before. Not only does this put a target on many organizations’ backs, but it also means that just one breach can affect thousands 
or even millions—of individuals.

Many wrongly assume that IT departments are solely responsible for managing data risks and ensuring cybersecurity within their respective organizations. In order for businesses to protect
themselves, management must also play an active role. Involvement from leadership not only
improves cybersecurity, but also reduces liability exposures for directors and officers. When cyberattacks occur, lawsuits against directors and officers often follow. Specifically, stakeholders affected by a cyberattack may allege that the impacted organization’s senior leadership team failed to adequately address cybersecurity threats or establish a plan for responding to an attack.

To reduce the likelihood of such claims, it’s imperative for your clients’ senior leadership teams to be actively involved in monitoring their unique cyber risks. That’s where our new resource— A Guide to Cyber Risks for Boards of Directors—can help.

This guide is designed to help board members and senior leaders of an organization plan for and respond to cyber incidents. Using this resource, clients can better understand how to integrate cyber risks into their boards’ objectives, grow their cyber expertise, assess their organizations’ cyber risks and implement cybersecurity measures.

If you'd like to receive the white paper, A Guide to Cyber Risk for Boards of Directors, please contact Barrow Group at 800-874-4798, Ext. 108.  

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