Pros and Cons of Outsourcing HR Functions for Small Businesses

Small Business Insights:  Is Business Insurance Tax Deductible?

osha citation case study: Dec, 2022

barrow group specializes in rental house insurance

playing it safe:  using two people for patient transfers

Report shows 9 in 10 employers to change health & wellbeing vendors

Employer's guide to navigating a recession

How to Interact With an OSHA Inspector

Understanding the Quiet Hiring Trend

Cyber Risks & Liabilities:  Nine Questions Every Board Should Ask

Risk Insights:  Footwear in Health Care Settings

safe lifting techniques

Animal mortality insurance and cast coverage:  What You Should Know

how the end of the covid-19 emergency period will impact health plans

2023 Employee benefits market outlook

Terminating Employees With Open Workers’ Compensation Claims

OSHA Issues new penalty enforcement guidance

Curbing productivity paranoia

electric vehicles present new insurance challenges

Using Scissor Lifts in Warehouses:  Safe or Dangerous?

creating a cyber incident response plan

properly insuring your film with production insurance

What Trends are Driving Up the Cost of Coverage in Today's Market?

Four employee wellness trends to watch in 2023

labor shortages and business liability risks: Steps employers Can Take

understanding the symptoms of rsv, flu and covid-19

Beginning 2023 With Safety in Mind: forklift Dos and Don’ts!

Bureau of Labor Statistics releases 2021 fatal occupational injuries

using temporary heating devices safely

pyrotechnic safety tips and video production insurance

job openings dropped in october but remain high

dangers of presenteeism (coming to work despite feeling unwell)

Winter Is Coming!  Tips for working safely in cold weather

post open enrollment checklist

More Workers Quitting jobs before one-year anniversary

workers' compensation claims for leased or temporary workers

osha's frequently cited standards for nursing and residential care facilities

how to recession-proof your life

four main cybersecurity concerns of the film & media industry

medical malpractice is the most severe loss in senior care facilities

four employee engagement tips to prevent quiet quitting

H.R.:  sample service animal policy for your employee handbook

assembling an inflation-proof benefits package

tips for bringing employees back to the office

state minimum wage rates for 2023

2022 mid year cyber insurance market outlook

Film & TV Insurance:  Avoid Being Over insured. . .Make an inventory !

wage and hour case studies:  Today's DOL Violation Trends

five strategies for tackling rising health care costs in 2023

The Great Re-consideration:  Looking ahead to the Next Stage of the Labor Market

Barrow Group celebrates 25 years!

Understanding FMLA leave for Mental Health Conditions

NLRB Proposes Rule On Standards for Determining Joint Employer Status

Cyber liability:  The Importance of Two-Factor Authentication

complying with the fmla checklist

Negative Film, Videotape and faulty stock insurance

understanding the quiet quitting trend

Are you covered for the 5 most common commercial liability exposures?

inflation's impact on 2023 open enrollment

Training for temporary workers and their worksite supervisors

Injury and Illness Reporting, Response and Recordkeeping for Temporary Workers

Top Ten osha citations in 2021 for arts, entertainment and recreation

employment practice liability trends to watch

home health care safety: preventing needlestick and sharps injuries

the value of belonging in the workplace

american rescue plan expiration could result in premium increases

hiring out-of-state employees

risk insights:  working safely in warehouses

Pay or Play affordability percentage decreased in 2023

the impact of sleep on mental health

protecting temporary workers: host employer and staffing company responsibilities

DOL's overtime rule may exempt executives from flsa's requirements

osha enhances safety to protect trenching and excavation workers

six factors driving commercial auto losses

July 31st is national mutt's day

top hr challenges for 2022

the importance of insuring your production

beginning open enrollment early presents massive opportunity

surprise!  osha's here

technology and labor shortages cause greater dependence on gig workers


Do you know the difference between urgent care and the emergency room

know your limits. . .Monthly wrap up of mid-market business losses

heat illness can be life threatening . . hang this osha-approved poster to help prevent heat illness

3 strategies employers can use to mitigate increasing benefits costs

Group Health Plans Must post pricing information on public websites!

cost of workers' compensation claims on the rise

June is national safety month

a Customer Complaint Policy very Important During Staffing Shortages

Cannabis Businesses See Frequent D&O and Cyber Losses

Workplace technology: using an applicant tracking system

memorial day:  more than just the day the pools open

demonstrate your commitment to safety at the construction site

office ergonomics: Re-emerging issues as employees return to work

Georgia leads the way in esports--one of the fastest growing industries!

Eight reasons employees stay at their job

Avoiding carbon monoxide poisoning

Workers' compensation and post traumatic stress disorder

osha national emphasis program on outdoor and indoor heat hazards

ten ways to protect yourself from cyberattacks

Not seen since 1981--Consumer price index up 8.5% this year!

Autism Spectrum Disorders:  CDC Estimates 1 in 68 Children affected

Risk Management:  Three risks associated with removable media devices

the importance of e&o coverage for tv and film producers

spring storm safety tips for businesses

how to interact with an OSHA INSPECTOR

Harden Your Cyber Defenses,  White House Warns Private Sector

DOL Urges Healthcare Facilities to create Safety and Health Programs

Society of Certified Insurance Counselors Honors Kevin Kilcoyne for Fifteen Years of Dedicated Leadership and Professional Development

DOL Focuses On Protecting the Rights of Truckers and Warehousing & Logistics Workers

Understanding the Value of a "Learning" Workplace Culture

OSHA Announces Enforcement Effort for High-hazard Health Care Facilities

cyber insurance rates rise - Here are six tips for insurance buyers

Baby boomers vs. millennials:  the Employee Benefits they value!

what is cast coverage and why do i need it?

2022 workers' compensation insurance outlook


Health Plans will be required to cover over-the-counter covid-19 tests

Who is responsible for safety training?

Covid-19 Test Kits Found in Unlikely Places!

Executive benefits for retaining top talent

georgia film industry saw record production spend during pandemic

Why is it so hard to find workers right now?  What Is the remedy!

state laws restricting covid-19 vaccine mandates and passports


A Guide to Cyber Risk for Boards of Directors


breast cancer: still one of the most prevalent types of cancer:

five tips to help prevent eye injuries at work

7 steps to light duty programs

the ideal open enrollment timeline

four emerging trends in film & tv

Managing workplace culture in a hybrid model

10 tips for fall home maintenance

covid-19 vaccine surcharges, mandates and incentives:  what employers should know

Small Business Tips to Reduce Workers Compensation Premiums

Ten Open enrollment terms you should know!!

Visit barrow group at staffing world in denver september 28--30, 2021

visit barrow group at napeo's annual conference-September 27th--29th - Booth 525

critical infrastructure cyberattacks on the rise

Booming times in film in georgia

four lessons learned from open enrollment during the pandemic

osha's safe and sound week runs august 9--15th

The affordable care act and the ten essential health benefits

six benefits to help you attract and retain small business employees

What Happens When the Star of the Show Walks Off the Set?

Unique Qualities of Strong Remote Workers and Best Practices for Attracting and Recruiting them

biden's executive order on promoting competition in the american economy

eight policies to update before returning to work

mask guidelines unchanged even as delta variant spreads

new study of 150 employers provides insight into workplace trends and challenges facing organizations

what is offshore captive insurance?

hybrid work model likely to become new norm in the near future

EEOC Violations:  Four Discrimination case Studies from which to learn

four tips to help control health care costs in 2021

the direct and indirect costs of workers compensation claims explained

hsa/hdhp limits increase for 2022

Understanding Film Production Insurance

five favorite things back by popular demand

the importance of communicating with employees during workers' compensation claims

health care claims may surge in 2021

best practices for developing a return to work program

Growing too fast?  Don't lose site of your core business purpose

ransomware attack on pipeline is work of criminal gang. . .is your organization prepared for a cyberattack?

Those Who Misrepresent Their Organization to Save on Workers' Compensation Expenses Commit Employer Fraud

help employees control health care spending with a CDHP (consumer driven health plan)

laughter is good medicine!

how to save big on workers compensation premiums via the mod factor

the american rescue plan:  good news for entertainment-industry workers

osha's website provides a range of workplace injury statistics

dol violations:  wage and hour Case studies

What H.R. Learned from the Covid-19 Pandemic

film offices around the country want your production dollars. . .

Can an organization save money on health insurance while increasing benefits?

fatal vehicle crashes up 24% in 2020--even with less people on the road

new business model for sophisticated cybercriminals

best practices to protect against payroll fraud

unattended vehicle exclusions and production

IRS Issues Guidance on Employer Retention Credit for 2020

overview of the american rescue plan

osha reveals the top ten most cited standards for the 2020 fiscal year

wednesday march 10 deadline for small businesses to apply for relief through ppp!

tips for keeping baby healthy and safe during covid-19

five h.r. technology trends to monitor in 2021

cdc recommendation for at-home covid-19 testing

exchange special enrollment provided due to covid-19

most costly osha violations for the construction industry

PEOs:  When Should You Explore Workers' Compensation Options?

employer overview of the covid-19 vaccine

cyber carriers deal with losses due to threats from ransomware and a lack of cybersecurity controls

Heart Disease Remains the Leading Cause of Death in the U.S.

the importance of e&O insurance for tv and film producers

ten steps to protect cleaning staff during covid-19

Train your staff on how to handle hazardous medications

surprise medical bill ban signed into law

Telemedicine and Mental Health:  Important Benefits Considerations in 2021!

The Risk of Cold Stress at work

skills needed for the post pandemic workplace

comparing the two major covid-19 stimulus packages

five ways to start your year off right

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