the impact of sleep on mental health

By Barrow Group Staff / August 11, 2022
Not only is your physical health affected when you don’t get enough sleep, but it also takes a toll on your mental health. In fact, mental health and sleep are so closely related that a lack of sleep can often lead to issues such as anxiety or depression....
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protecting temporary workers: host employer and staffing company responsibilities

By Barrow Group Staff / August 09, 2022
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Topics: Protecting Temporary Workers, Host Employers Vs Staffing Companies

DOL's overtime rule may exempt executives from flsa's requirements

By Barrow Group Staff / August 05, 2022
In its recent spring regulatory agenda, the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) announced its plans to issue a proposed overtime rule in October 2022. According to the agency’s regulatory agenda, this proposed rule is expected to address how to implement the exemption of executive, ...
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Topics: proposed overtime rule change

osha enhances safety to protect trenching and excavation workers

By Barrow Group Staff / August 03, 2022
Twenty-two workers have already been killed due to deadly trenching and excavation hazards in 2022—representing a 68% increase from the entirety of 2021. In response, OSHA launched enhanced enforcement initiatives to protect workers from known industry hazards. Doug Parker, the ...
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Topics: Trenching Safety

six factors driving commercial auto losses

By Barrow Group Staff / August 01, 2022
The same things causing personal auto losses to rise are the same things causing commercial auto losses to rise.  That means higher insurance rates for us all!!  Here are six trends that have contributed to the rise of auto losses:...
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