Arts, Recreation and Entertainment Safety Manual

By Barrow Group Staff / April 21, 2023

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Like most industries, OSHA governs the health and safety of employees engaged in the arts, recreation and entertainment industries.  For that reason, it's wise for establishments to create an employee safety manual and train staff on all aspects contained within. In so doing, organizations can protect the wellbeing of staff and manage their own risk.  Below is a link to a customizable employee safety manual for arts, recreation and entertainment.  Topics covered include:

The safety policies and procedures in this guide/template support a safety-conscious work environment.  Information about federal, state or local laws, along with individual circumstances, may require the employer to add to, remove or modify the policies in this handbook to fit your specific situations.  

Topics: Entertainment-Industry, Return to Work Policy, arts, recreation and entertainment Safety Manual, Fire Prevention, safety manual, employee safety responsibilities, Emergency Action Plan, OSHA Compliance

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