Employer's guide to navigating a recession

By Barrow Group Staff / March 10, 2023

Save Money

A recession can create numerous challenges for employers, often requiring them to adapt for
their organizations to survive. By preparing and implementing multiple recession-proofing
strategies, employers can build resilient organizations and minimize the financial hardships
of an economic downturn. Proactive employers will not only be better positioned to navigate
a recession but may also find opportunities for growth and increased efficiency.

This guide provides strategies employers can use to prepare in advance and navigate a recession,
such as:

  1. 1.  Assessing organizational talent
  2. 2. Increasing employee retention and engagement
  3. 3. Creating effective communication channels
  4. 4. Mitigating costs
  5. 5. Considering downsizing options

Although a recession cannot be prevented, careful preparation can greatly impact whether an
organization withstands its impacts. Taking action early to prepare for a potential recession
can be critical to building a resilient organization.

Employers Guide to Navigating a Recession

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