post open enrollment checklist

By Barrow Group Staff / December 15, 2022
An organization’s post-open enrollment activities can be just as important as the tasks that must be completed leading up to and during open enrollment. After wrapping up open enrollment, there are many benefits-related responsibilities employers must address before the start of ...
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assembling an inflation-proof benefits package

By Barrow Group Staff / November 15, 2022
Employers are becoming increasingly concerned about inflation’s impact on their employees, especially as the U.S economy faces the very real prospect of an upcoming recession. Many employers are searching for creative solutions to better support employees while navigating a ...
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beginning open enrollment early presents massive opportunity

By Barrow Group Staff / July 21, 2022
The job market is still dealing with the aftereffects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Workers are taking stock of their circumstances and considering which employment perks matter the most. Specifically, employees are increasingly more concerned about their physical and mental health, ...
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Baby boomers vs. millennials:  the Employee Benefits they value!

By Barrow Group Staff / March 03, 2022
A person’s age influences many of their characteristics over time—their hair color, their muscle mass and, crucially, their preferred benefits. If employers want to provide benefits that their employees will actually use, they must take their varying preferences into account. In ...
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new study of 150 employers provides insight into workplace trends and challenges facing organizations

By Barrow Group Staff / July 07, 2021
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health care claims may surge in 2021

By Barrow Group Staff / May 26, 2021
The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a drastic toll on individuals’ health routines. Many people have postponed preventive care during the pandemic, waiting for a safer time to visit a doctor. That time may be coming soon, so employers should be ready for health claims to surge in ...
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benefits education for young people

By Barrow Group Staff / December 17, 2020
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5 Strategies for reducing health benefits costs in 2021

By Barrow Group Staff / September 18, 2020
Health benefits costs are almost certainly going to rise in 2021. They’ve been trending upward for years—over 50% in the last decade, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation—and the current state of economic uncertainty over COVID-19 won’t slow things down. Realistically, ...
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the 2021 open enrollment checklist is here

By Barrow Group Staff / September 02, 2020
2021 Open Enrollment Checklist To prepare for open enrollment, group health plan sponsors should be aware of the legal changes affecting the design and administration of their plans for plan years beginning on or after Jan. 1, 2021. Employers should review their plan documents ...
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Topics: employee benefits, open enrollment, Open-Enrollment-Checklist-2021, ACA-Affordability-Standards, FSA-Contributions, HSA-Contribution-Limits

Captives for employee benefits

By Barrow Group Staff / July 16, 2020
It has become increasingly important for employers to offer some form of an employee benefits package in order to attract and retain a strong workforce. Additionally, employers may want to protect their company from the risks associated with offering employee benefits. While ...
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