Small Business Tips to Reduce Workers Compensation Premiums

By Barrow Group Staff / September 09, 2021
OSHA does require that every forklift operator be trained and certified to operate the powered industrial truck in the workplace...
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Topics: workers compensation, OSHA, Forklift Training, Hazard Training

osha's safe and sound week runs august 9--15th

By Barrow Group Staff / August 11, 2021
Each year, more than 5,000 workers are killed on the job. Additionally, more than 3.6 million employees are seriously injured each year while at work. Because of this, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) holds a nationwide event each August called Safe and ...
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Topics: staffing, workplace safety, OSHA

the direct and indirect costs of workers compensation claims explained

By Barrow Group Staff / June 14, 2021
Workers’ compensation claims have a variety of different costs associated with them. Some of these costs are expected costs, while others are unexpected. Here’s the difference between these terms:...
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Topics: OSHA, Worker's Comepensation, workers-compensation-claims, direct-workers-compensation-costs

osha's website provides a range of workplace injury statistics

By Barrow Group Staff / April 19, 2021
The stories are nearly as gruesome as what you'd see in a horror flick, but sadly, these stories are true.  By visiting OSHA's (Occupational Safety & Health Administration's) website, you can see a list of every reported workplace injury and ruling against companies that has ...
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Topics: staffing, workers compensation, OSHA, OSHA-Fatalities, OSHA-CITATIONS

ten steps to protect cleaning staff during covid-19

By Barrow Group Staff / February 01, 2021
Your safety is important. For cleaning staff at your facility, following these simple steps can help prevent the spread of the coronavirus:...
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Train your staff on how to handle hazardous medications

By Barrow Group Staff / January 28, 2021
There are patients at your facility needing medications that are potentially hazardous to the employees that handle, administer and dispose of them. As a result, your facility must design a safety program to instruct your employees on how to properly do these tasks without ...
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Topics: OSHA, Hazardous-Drug-Handling, NIOSH, health-care-facilities

preventing violence in the health care workplace

By Barrow Group Staff / December 02, 2020
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Topics: temporary staffing, health care, OSHA, Healthcare-Staffing, violence-in-healthcare

osha clarifies covid-19 reporting requirements

By Barrow Group Staff / October 07, 2020
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Topics: OSHA, COVID-19, Worker's Comepensation, Reporting-Requirements-OSHA, OSHA-Fatalities, hospitalizations

Identify Potential Health and Safety Failings Through Mock Investigation

By Barrow Group Staff / August 27, 2020
When workplace health and safety incidents happen, it’s important to respond appropriately—that’s where incident investigations can help. Conducting an investigation allows employers to identify potential health and safety failings that led to the incident and make necessary ...
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Topics: risk management, workers compensation, workplace safety, OSHA, Incident-Investigations

now's a good time to discuss osha's flammable and combustible liquids program

By Barrow Group Staff / August 10, 2020
Considering recent events, making sure hazardous materials are stored following OSHA's safety standards may make the difference in avoiding a catastrophic event.  ...
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