Report shows 9 in 10 employers to change health & wellbeing vendors

By Barrow Group Staff / March 14, 2023
“High-performing health and well-being vendors are now vital to employers. They have become a critical component of competitive benefit and well-being programs and strategic to their portfolio.”...
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Topics: PEO, Employee Health & Wellbeing, Film and TV, Mental Health Benefits, healthcare costs, workforce health, health and wellbeing programs

Employer's guide to navigating a recession

By Barrow Group Staff / March 10, 2023
A recession can create numerous challenges for employers, often requiring them to adapt for their organizations to survive. By preparing and implementing multiple recession-proofing strategies, employers can build resilient organizations and minimize the financial hardships of ...
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Topics: staffing, PEO, Employee Retention, Navigating A Recession, downsizing, layoff alternatives, Embrace Outsourcing, manage healthcare costs, Assess talent, Recession Preparation

How to Interact With an OSHA Inspector

By Barrow Group Staff / March 08, 2023
The best way to avoid paying fines for violating Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) standards is to always be prepared for an inspection. Since an OSHA officer has no obligation to inform an employer of the inspection ahead of time, the visit will usually be ...
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Topics: staffing, PEO, workplace safety, OSHA-INSPECTION, OSHA-Violations, Workplace-Hazards, Film & TV, OSHA Inspector Preparation

Understanding the Quiet Hiring Trend

By Barrow Group Staff / March 06, 2023
HR professionals have likely already heard about “quiet quitting,” where employees put no more effort into their jobs than necessary, and “quiet firing,” where employers or managers slowly pull back employee duties instead of outright firing them. Now, there’s another phrase ...
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Topics: staffing, PEO, Quiet Hiring, job promotion, recruitment strategies, Upskilling, peak performers

safe lifting techniques

By Barrow Group Staff / February 23, 2023
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Topics: temporary staffing, PEO, injury at work, Safe Lifting, team lifting, back strains, lifting heavy objects, Safety Matters

Terminating Employees With Open Workers’ Compensation Claims

By Barrow Group Staff / February 10, 2023
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Topics: temporary staffing, PEO, workers compensation, Workers Compensation Claim, Disciplining Employee, Terminating Employee, Firing Injured Workers

OSHA Issues new penalty enforcement guidance

By Barrow Group Staff / February 08, 2023
On Jan. 26, 2023, OSHA announced it issued new enforcement guidance making its penalties more effective to stop employers from repeatedly exposing workers to life-threatening hazards or failing to comply with workplace safety and health requirements. The new enforcement guidance ...
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Topics: temporary staffing, PEO, OSHA, OSHA-Violations, osha penalty

Curbing productivity paranoia

By Barrow Group Staff / February 03, 2023
Since the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic, employers have embraced remote and hybrid work models, with many deciding to forego returning to fully in-person work arrangements even as lockdown orders lifted and offices reopened. This suggests that employees have been able to ...
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Topics: PEO, COVID-19, staffing industry, Remote Workers, Hybrid Work, Employer Hybrid Concerns, flexible work arrangements, employee productivity

job openings dropped in october but remain high

By Barrow Group Staff / December 26, 2022
The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) recently released its October Job Openings and Labor Turnover Summary. The month’s reported number of job openings decreased by 353,000 to 10.3 million as the Federal Reserve (Fed) increased interest rates in an effort to cool the labor ...
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Topics: staffing, PEO, Job Openings, Labor Market Trends, High Inflation, Federal Reserve Bank, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Interest Rates

how to recession-proof your life

By Barrow Group Staff / December 02, 2022
Many Americans and economists think rising inflation issues, interest rates and housing costs may be warning signs of a looming recession. According to a Bankrate poll, nearly 7 in 10 Americans are worried about the possibility of a recession before the end of next year. ...
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Topics: staffing, PEO, recession, budget, live within your means, economic uncertainty, auto insurance

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